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And if, in the process, the general public learns some things about privilege in general and transgender people in particular, including those who, like Ms. Jenner, continue to identify within the gender binary, so much the better.

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All eight now welcome anyone who identifies as a woman, no matter what gender they were assigned at birth. In addition, some also admit people who were assigned female at birth but, while no longer identifying as women, do not identify as men either. Most, though not all, welcome all students to remain through graduation once enrolled.


I am hoping and trusting the conversation at these sessions will be both respectful and forward-looking. Certainly, the organization is clearly trying to promote both awareness of and respect for transgender people, including explicit calls to ensure safety for transgender kids.

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And certainly, Julie Mencher , one of the experts NCGS has invited to facilitate the sessions, is absolutely top notch for example, this article in the Huffington Post which shares a title with one of her sessions. In the end, this conference is about self-actualization.

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Written by Bill Ivey. Bill is the advisor for MOCA, the middle school student government, and he coordinates and participates in the middle school service program. Can you see it? As I am a self-study of Japanese and a non-native speaker, I have experience in tackling a language by myself.

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I believe in training students to be competent and life-long learners of language. Many of my students are very self-motivated and want to achieve fluency. In my class I want to foster skills with students in language acquisition and mastry so they can enjoy the fruits of being bilingual or multilingual and hopefullly use Japanese one day as part of their career.

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I also believe in having authentic language experiences, which is why I am very involved with the local Japanese community and Japan. Arizona also has a lively Japanese-American community with rich cultural history. I also facilitate a trip every two years to Japan through EF Tours to give students the experience of being in Japan and using their language skills.

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I believe in many Japanese cultural norms, like respect, being polite and diligent and these are the aspects I try to instill in students through making my classroom as authentic of a Japanese cultural experience as I can. In class, we bow to each other every day and train in Japanese etiquette.

I believe that all students can learn language and simply need to be taught how to best study according to their needs. I hope your student can join us on this amazing journey of learning a new language and culture. Betty H.