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Antarctica's Weddell Sea 'deserves protected status' - BBC News

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Plans to establish Marine Protected Area in the Weddell Sea get rejected at annual CCAMLR meeting

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    Table of Contents. General Protection Zone GPZ Pew supports the GPZ and would oppose any reduction to the high level of protection it affords the area, especially for areas east of the prime meridian, such as Astrid Ridge, Maud Rise, and nearby seamounts.

    Weddell Sea

    The proposed protections must be maintained to ensure the entire Weddell Gyre ecosystem is safeguarded, and should be expanded to cover more areas of high conservation value in CCAMLR management subareas To be precautionary, this zone should be enlarged to encompass other likely but unverified VME areas, nesting grounds, and additional sensitive areas as these become known. Fitch F. Grikurov G. Groenewald P. Grunow A. Geology 21 : — American Geophysical Union , Washington , pp — Journal of Geophysical Research 96 : — Hattersley-Smith G. Heimann A. Earth and Planetary Science Letters : 19 — Hergt J.

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    Journal of Petrology 30 : — Hinz K. Wedges of very thick oceanward dipping layers beneath passive continental margins.

    The Weddell Sea Expedition 2019

    Geologische Jahrbuch E22 : 3 — Geologische Jahrbuch E23 : 17 — Geologische Jahrbuch E37 : 3 — Hooper P. Kadmina I.

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    Kellogg K. Cambridge University Press , Cambridge , pp — Kristoffersen Y.


    Nature : — Kudryavtzev G. Sevmorgeologia , Leningrad in Russian , pp 99 — LaBrecque J. Antarctic Journal 21 : 69 —