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Lists are able to summarize and condense a wealth of information into a very small space. Detail about each item in these lists may already be in your head—you just need to be reminded of it. Lists are a quick reference to accomplish big tasks. Chapter 1. Remember that you may need to be able to start a fire when it is raining or snowing, in the cold or in the dark, or under the stress of an emergency.

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Chapter 2. Water Water is essential. Plan on at least a gallon of water per person per day—depending on temperature, age, and physical condition. This does not include water needed for cooking, cleaning, bathing, or pets. Ideally, you would take bottled or clean tap water with you, but the weight or space needed is often limiting. So here are some ideas for obtaining drinkable water away from home. Chapter 3. Food Everyone has different tastes, preferences, resources, time, temperature, tools, and more that affect what food might work best on your next trip to the woods.

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Here are some quick and easy ideas to consider. Chapter 5.

Tools When planning for the unexpected, remember that redundancy multiple ways to accomplish the same task and multiple-use items utilization can be the difference between fun and frantic. This chapter alone—about improvising with everyday items, is well worth the price of this book! Read it again for better memory retention. Take it with you for optimal value. Why are you still reading this book summary? Select a book format below and click [Buy Now]. This trade paperback book is also available at these retail stores.

Group Sales: Bulk rate discounts and private labeling available. Use the feedback form to contact us with details about your group. All Rights Reserved. Fire Chapter 2. Water Chapter 3.

The Complete Outdoorsman's Handbook

Food Chapter 4. Shelter Chapter 5. Tools Chapter 6. Skills Chapter 7. Checklists Chapter 8. Resources Chapter 9. Heading Out Book Summary The Problem: Remembering everything you might need for a camping trip is a big challenge—there is gear, food, tools, skills, maps, plans, backup plans, and more. It contains a unique set of detailed lists—information that is essential for any camper, hiker, or backpacker.

WHY Go Camping? Appreciation: Camping helps you to see the value in everyday conveniences and modern technology. Bonding: Spending quality time with family and friends in a relaxed atmosphere may be better than any other experience. Escape: Use camping as a great excuse to disconnect and get away from texting, emailing, talking, driving, hurrying, and more.

Exciting: Explore new sights and sounds, encounter wildlife up close, feel your body rev up with refreshing exercise. Photography: Be creative with your camera or cell phone by capturing rare images and videos to share with others. Renew: Break from your routine, let your mind wander, sleep in, and let your body be refreshed and restored for your return.

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This book is helpful for at least three different types of people: Novices who rarely spend much time outdoors. Intermediates who know the basics of outdoor adventures.

Experts who enjoy rustic living far from modern conveniences. WHAT is this book?

Can Opening Tools for the Outdoorsman

So Many Uses A checklist to see if you have everything you need A reminder to add missing items A learning tool to acquire new skills A refresher to remember forgotten items A quick reference of topics to consider A textbook to highlight and annotate A notebook to capture fresh insights A teaching aid for novices A mentor to expand your knowledge A source of ideas and creativity A gift for a birthday or holiday A planning tool for each trip or adventure A resource for emergency preparedness So Many Applications Lists of tools to use Lists of methods to try Lists of gear to acquire Lists of features to measure Lists of ideas to consider Lists of projects to plan WHEN would I want this book?

Campsites Public campsite in a park Group campsite in the woods Solo campsite in the forest Primitive campsite in the wilderness The Great Outdoors Parks, woods, hiking trails, cycling trails, mountain climbing, lake fishing, stream fishing, ski slopes, cross-country ski trails, river rafting or tubing… the list of outdoor activities goes on and on.

Emergency Situations Be prepared by keeping this book in places where you might face an emergency situation. Urban Environments Outdoor activities also occur in cities and suburbs, in parks and small pockets of woods between neighborhoods.

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WHY should I keep this book? Learn New Things See new topics about which you can research and learn more. What tools can I utilize? This book is dense, rich, in-depth, and condensed. Table of Contents Here is a partial listing of topics in this book. Ignition Fire: Stage 2. Tinder or Accelerant Fire: Stage 3.

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Topic Cloud accelerant alcohol backpacking bag bark bottle campfire camping chemicals clean cloth coals cooking drinkable drinks emergency filter fire food fuel fuzz heat hiking ignite ignition jelly kindling light natural paper parasites pine potable prep pure purify shavings shelter start sunlight temperature tinder water wax wood.

Treating Water with Light Water: Purifying — 4. Treating Water with Chemicals Water: Purifying — 3.