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I'm not really their dad! Then again He puts on personas for every occasion during the meeting, Land saw him as not as a gold armoured god, but as an utterly logical scientist and the Emperor had the whole shtick of people interpreting his words in the manner that made the most sense to them personally who really knows when He's being genuine or not or how He feels. There must have been a reason why he prevented Vulkan from going completely batshit insane when he was killed over and over by his brother Konrad Kurze after all Also Guilliman reflects that Big E could not have afforded deep affection for any of his sons, so lets see how the final confrontation between Horus on roid rage and Big E will play out in the end - as in older fluff Big E held back because he couldn't bring it upon himself to snuff out his most favoured son and it did not read like in "my most favoured screw driver" kind of way.

But in the end, despite being the most powerful psyker to have ever lived he may still have been "human" after all, and every living being has emotions. So maybe his biggest "flaw" if you want to call it such may have been that he might not have been able to separate himself from his sons err I mean toolbox as he would have hoped for.

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While interred on the Golden Throne, the Emperor's psychic-essence prevents daemon kind from directly assailing Terra through the broken remains of the Imperial Webway in the form of a golden sun , while additionally sustaining and managing the psychic-beacon known as the Astronomican , that makes warp travel within 50, light years around Terra possible. A question that remained unanswered for a long time is that, is the above thing the only thing he is capable of doing these days?

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Or can he communicate with others? In the past few supplicants were allowed an audience with the Emperor though the fluff's always been iffy on whether or not they talked, or if it was more a spiritual visit to a shrine. The recent advance in the timeline revealed that the newly revived Guilliman had an audience with him for a whole day in which they did talk and he still seems to have some sort of connection to the Custodes , so yes, he can. But then, what is he waiting for before waking the sleepy beauty up?

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It could be that he literally couldn't talk to anyone before that, considering that even Guilliman shuddered at the thought of the mental sand blasting that was speaking with the Emperor. It's possible the same communion might destroy a mortal, or kill the comatose Lion by accident.

Perhaps the only thing stopping the Emperor from direct governance of the Imperium is his psychic voice delivering the equivalent of an Ordinatus blast every time he uses it, so he cannot chastise the incompetence of the High Lords for fear of killing them outright. Speaking of talking to him, when Roboute was revived from stasis and finally got to Terra to talk to dad, Roboute noted the Emperor regarded him with the interest one would regard a tool.

He also reflects on how he feels that the Emperor's psychic might has grown since his death, but that his humanity has gone as well, to the point that Guilliman thinks that even if he is a god he doesn't deserve to be worshiped. However, following the Plague Wars Guilliman has considered the possibility that his ascension may have been a plan B for humanity following the failure of the Imperial Truth, and both Mortarion and Ku'Gath believe the Emperor is gathering energy to create what they call an "Unliving Legion".

Consorting with Xenos, resurrecting ancient technology.

Don't believe that he is blameless in this In contrast to the above quote, the Emperor and the Imperium as a byproduct fucking hates aliens, though not without reason. During the Age of Strife numerous Xenos races exploited humanity's trust and either raided, lollygagged, looted or all of the above and were generally a nuisance the entire time. Then the Emperor comes along and decides that the best way to stop all that from happening again is to wipe out all Xenos that might even think to pose a threat to the fledgling Imperium.

However, those few Xenos species that did not pose an immediate threat to humanity were usually made protectorates similar to the Tau government unless they resisted, were in the way, or possessed a planet , influenced human culture at all. Ever since His ascension, the Imperium mostly forgot about the part where harmless aliens could be tolerated, but on the other hand, the most common xenos are massive dicks and aren't exactly willing to buddy up with the Imperium themselves. To be even more fair and meta , the triumvirate of Horus Heresy authors tend to have their own interpretation of the Big E.

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Graham McNeill generally portrays Him as competent and benevolent if flawed , Dan Abnett portrays Him as competent but bloodthirsty, while Aaron Dembski-Bowden portrays Him as a vicious, needlessly cruel imbecile and even this is counterbalanced by his portrayal in Master of Mankind, where he's interestingly a mixture of all the previous portrayals at once - which is kinda of appropriate really. Chris Wraight, as far as he has portrayed Him, has done so through the eyes of Jaghatai Khan, showing Him as deeply flawed and distant from His own sons, but also countering that He was working towards goals even the Primarchs couldn't fully grasp.

Even in Path of Heaven, where the Khan gets close to learning the secrets of the Webway project, he's shown to not have all the cards the Emperor's knowledge that humanity is evolving into a psychic race, for example.

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  • On another note, long before the Horus Heresy novel series , there were hidden gems Noobs are not aware of, such as a text describing the fight between Horus and the Emperor although it wasn't written especially well , or Conspiracy Theories. One of them was actually the possibility that the Emperor was already dead when Rogal Dorn managed to reach him; however, in the aforementioned text, Horus had realised that he had been wronged and deceived by the Chaos Gods , who immediately ceased to possessed the Warmaster and fled before the Emperor's final Force attack bring woe to both of them.

    In Olden Fluff, all Primarchs were Psykers and originally supposed to be shining examplars of Human free from the taint of the Empyrean which they failed to bear true potential due to their early contact with the Warp, via the Dark Gods abducting them pedobear style. This in turn was what caused their mutations and unique characteristics and diversity which was more of a metaphor that each Primarch was an image of humanity themselves; in fact, much of the powers of the Primarchs, like the Emperor, would have come from their psychic abilities.

    It is known that Sensei 's powers include health, regeneration, greater athletic prowess and overpowering their Strength stat when they try to attack something, thus it would not be surprising if it was also the case for Primarchs baby Sanguinius was super healthy and immune to Baal's radiations, Curze crawled out of his molten drop-pod and crater while screaming in pain and fled immediately, instinctively, into the darkness, and later his body was fully healed prior to the new fluff messing everything up, 'cause BL writers have trouble getting their shit together.

    But back to where we are; the notion that the Emperor was dead forebodes a terrible possibility, in which the corpse that Rogal Dorn took back on Terra's Imperial Palace was not Big E but of Horus being passed as the Emperor The Emperor was a firm believer that the ends justified the means and was pragmatic in the extreme, and yet at the same time, it was this very same pragmatism that ultimately led to his downfall:.

    On another note, the fact his ossified self has managed to shed tears and there was an incident where everyone across the Imperium saw statues of the Emperor weeping tears of blood due the incoming disasters of the End Times may mean that he has finally started to realize how horribly he fucked up on every possible level.

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    Or maybe it's hurting even more than ever to stay sit at the Golden Throne. The latter is far more likely; according to Roboute Guilliman, when he met with the Emperor after his revival, He treated Guilliman as a mere tool without showing even the faintest display of affection or care for him as a person. One can only assume that 10, years on the Golden Throne has done absolutely nothing to make the Emperor be less of an asshole; in fact, he's described as being human in name alone, and Guilliman believes that even if he is a god he doesn't deserve to be worshipped.

    Add the lack of a loving mother figure for the kids, and well To throw a spanner into the works when considering whatever the Emperor's "goals" might have been: A very interesting claim was made by Malcador himself to his dying confidante Sibel Niasta that the Heresy was all part of the plan , that the Primarchs were designed as "conquering tools and nothing more", set on course to fight for dominance and eventually turn on each other and challenge the Emperor directly.

    This is corroborated by what we already "knew" from Master of Mankind and the Emperor's own attitudes towards the Primarchs which admittedly has constantly been shown to be shifting. As has been frequently pointed out the final confrontation between Horus and the Emperor - as we currently know it - would not make any sense if he merely considered them to be disposable tools anyway.

    Why "hold back" then to start out with? The Primarchs were manipulated against each other with unequal favour , jealousies stoked in order to achieve this, and he also claims that those who would not be manipulated never reach the end game. What is not certain is whether he was speaking the whole truth since he does later admit privately just after the conversation that he had to lie to mortals to spare their sorrow, so what parts he "lied" about are uncertain he could've made the whole "just as planned" story up, it could've all been true and he was regretting manipulating the Primarchs and their legions, it could even refer to a single sentence where he implies that the Emperor will save her soul after death ; he also admits that the outcome had been altered by the great enemy who had emboldened their champions and started the battle early so he did not know with absolute certainty how it was going to turn out.

    However, as shown from "The Board is Set" or the novel "The Outcast dead" Malcador and the Emperor were certainly shown to have considerable amounts of foreknowledge regarding the Horus Heresy and certainly did play the Primarchs against each other in order to attempt to counter the manipulations of Chaos.

    However in the Board is Set, Malcador is shown that the Primarch's destinies were not necessarily fixed and could have been played in different ways; some Primarchs were sacrificed for greater goals like you would remove a figure from the board to give you a better edge. Whilst the Emperor had the knowledge that certain others were crucial to final victory. Malcador is also shown to not have been aware of the full plan or the flow of destinies; he is unaware of how certain seeming "winning" strategies are left unplayed because they have unexpected knock-on effects, or that certain moves played early or late could have had disastrous consequences.

    Taking several factors into account, it is absolutely certain that Malcador and the Emperor had enough foreknowledge to know that the Horus Heresy was going to happen from the point of the Scattering onward. To say that it was all part of the "original" plan would be a stretch, that many of the Primarchs had municipal gifts Perturabo's architectural mastery, Fulgrim's artistry etc or came with purposes suited to the Emperor's grand plan for a post-human society Magnus' and the Webway, Mortarion as a witchseeker shows that the Emperor probably did have a plan for his Primarchs that didn't involve losing half of them and then chaining himself to the Golden Throne, otherwise why make twenty Primarchs with gifts related to your post-battle plans in the first place if you knew you were going to lose half of them?

    In fact; The Board is Set goes a long way in explaining why the Emperor couldn't do any more with his advanced notice of impending conflict. The Emperor's foresight was not perfect and it did not necessarily marry up with his practical knowledge; even though the game he played with Malcador showed the " Double Edged Sword , The Uncrowned Monarch and The Angel spending most of the game off to the side, the Emperor had no idea what they were actually doing until Malcador relayed the message from Leman Russ.

    His psychic foresight seems to have been shrouded in allegory and symbolism, rather than concrete certainty. Also note that "destiny" is different from what the Primarchs were "designed" for case in point: Magnus being designed to operate the Golden Throne, but also being destined to damage it. While Emperor had designed all of his Primarchs for specific tasks, he would not have been able to identify the destined role that each Primarch was meant to play until events had already been set into motion and pulled them onto certain paths.

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    He might been able to guess that Magnus was "the Library" or that Dorn was the "Invincible Bastion" but could not have been certain until the first moves of the game had been made. So until then he could only treat the Primarchs according to their gifts; hailing them as heroes, building them statues and trying to steer them away from obvious sources of corruption such as sorcery or religion. Even if the Emperor had suspected which ones would turn against him and tried to eliminate them before they became problems, their destinies could have unfolded in a completely different way, potentially causing a similar conflict to happen albeit with a different combination of playing pieces on the board, or alternatively sacrificing any control he might have actually had over the Primarchs and still have ended up with a disaster on his hands.

    Also bearing in mind that he still needed to complete the Great Crusade and his Webway project; to put those plans on hold until the issue with Primarchs had sorted themselves out would probably have done him no good either because like the Emperor himself, Chaos is capable of playing the long game. Lorgar is an interesting issue: Malcador once claimed that if he could have saved just one of the traitor Primarchs, it should have been Lorgar.

    However, from the Board is Set, the Emperor points out that game doesn't start with any piece other than the "Chosen", strongly hinted to represent Lorgar with his initial swaying of Horus and thus beginning the Heresy. This implies that no matter what moves are planned for, or what Primarchs ended up on either side; Chaos will always have a "Chosen" piece to start the game with.

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    Though keep in mind that Malcador speaks with the benefit of hindsight, and as mentioned previously, the Emperor was not omniscient, it is possible that neither of them were to fully realise that Lorgar was the Chosen until the first move of the game had already been made. What is most tragic is that Lorgar really wanted the love and approval of his father and was probably the most fanatically loyal to him in the early days, so turning him into Chaos most pivotal piece is a cruel irony. If it were possible to have actually saved Lorgar before the conflict started, it would have probably unbalanced the game as Chaos would have been forced to find a different Primarch to fill the role of "Chosen", potentially upending the game altogether.

    Until the end of the Heresy, Malcador was not actually aware of how the final conflict actually played out; having seen himself only as an advisor, he was ignorant of his own role. The Emperor showed him in the final days that his piece, "The Fool", would switch places with the Emperor to snatch victory and allow the "Uncrowned Monarch" to play his "Salvation" strategy and win the game against chaos by tearing the throat out of the serpent.

    The environments and puzzle machinery look nice enough on a technical level, but you never get a strong sense of exploring magical realms of the imagination. The game tries to ape Myst III's look and feel, but it captures none of that game's subtle artistry and sense of wonder. It feels as if Aura's environments were designed solely as receptacles to house the puzzles. The cutscenes and animations likewise leave little lasting impression, outside of the stiffness of the characters, particularly your bland alter ego, Umang.