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And my skies are considerably better than they were downtown where I did much of the book's observing. In addition to wanting to revisit my urban objects, I had another agenda. I am looking forward to a busy star party season this fall attending several, at least, regional events. Which telescope? I got tired of her late last year. All I knew at the time, though, was that I was sick of lifting my inch fork-mount SCT in and out of my vehicle. Was I cone with the C11?

More practical than a C14, but with a big aperture advantage over a C8.

In addition, I was loath to sell a C11 with a carbon fiber tube. Finally, my C11 was one of the last made by Celestron as an American company Tasco, contrary to popular belief, was an American company , and somehow that further endeared Bertha to me. How the heck would I do that? Simple: G-E-M. Dispensing with the heavy fork would make the telescope easier to transport, and being on an equatorial mount would improve my tracking.

Yes, I had a wedge and could have run Bertha in EQ mode, but the difficulty of mounting that big scope on a wedge made it something I never did. It was a two person operation, and even with a helper was not something I cared to do often. Or at all.


Which GEM? That might have been my Atlas. The goto accuracy is fine for imaging three or four relatively bright targets in an evening, but not for imaging a night with the Mallincam. The more I thought about it, the less the Atlas sounded like the answer.

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The G11 is a beautiful piece of kit, several steps above the Chinese imports. The mount was beautiful and finely made, but it was obvious to me that the Gemini II goto system, which Losmandy gets from a third party, was still a work in progress. I had little doubt Losmandy would soon get the bugs out, but the more I thought about it, the less I was convinced I needed to spend even the relatively small amount of money a G11 commands for my modest requirements.

Nice looking mount, but I eliminated it for two reasons. Which left me with one mount choice.

The friendly stars

One that in retrospect seemed perfect. What is the mount like? However, it is different in a very important way. Everything arrived when it was supposed to, went together in an afternoon, and came with no surprises. I used the mount two or three times in the backyard, and that one time in Chiefland, and the spring and summer weather closed me down till now. Confession time. Sure, tracking is nice, but as you-all know, I am addicted to degree AFOV eyepieces, so I am not nudging the scope along all the time.

The Friendly Stars - Martha Evans Martin, Donald Howard Menzel - Google книги

Goto is also nice, but in the backyard I am not chasing minute PGC galaxies and I do just fine with a finder and a star chart. I was observing with a freaking 6-inch Sonotube Dobsonian I cobbled together in my garage. The seeing was not great thanks to a front passage, but it was an uncommonly comfortable night.

The temperature was plunging, on its way to a record low for us for August, mid-sixties. Certainly nicer than the sticky night recounted in my book. One of the screws on the focuser backplate had loosened over the years, making focus action stiffer than I liked. Ten minutes of tweaking indoors and it was good to go again. What else other than mount checkout? February 18, - Published on Amazon.

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I found this book to be a most pleasant and enjoyable to read. A few things mentioned in the book are outdated but with a book as old as this one that is to be expected. The Friendly Stars is still an exceptional book of unaided eye astronomy and I wish I had this book when learning about the stars and constellations.

I could see myself with this book outside on one of those clear nights Martha describes and finding my way around the starry heavens. October 2, - Published on Amazon. This book is a real find. The star descriptions are dead-on, the map in the back is really handy, and Mrs. Martin's writing style is unparalleled.

“The Friendly Stars”

First published in , this book is a real find and pleasurable reading too. September 19, - Published on Amazon. Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime.

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