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For more information, click here. Synopsis High school is in full fling and the eight members of the Chelsea gang who've been inseparable since kindergarten juggle school, extracurricular activities, and family duties with great care. But when they find out that Taylor, a core leader of the gang, has been viciously tortured by her parents for many years, but they never suspected the abuse, they deal with guilt, anger, remorse, and compassion while doing everything in their power to protect their beloved friend and ensure she has a better life in the future.

For one family in Chelsea, a Feliz Navidad

Although daily joys and challenges continue during the first devastating week that Taylor flees her home and seeks a refuge at Cate's home, the Chelsea gang circles close to provide love, comfort, and protection to the sweetest, most affectionate, most generous friend they have ever known. Made In Chelsea: The M. Subscribe now! For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast. The Chelsea gang also answer your questions and give tips on how to handle anxiety. Plus we debate the Best Biscuit in Britain! Please leave us a comment and rate this podcast - we would love to hear from you!

James talks about putting a brave face on his feelings, we hear how therapy changed their lives, Liv chats about working with Cosmopolitan magazine and her alopecia, and we answer YOUR questions. Please rate and review us - we'd love to hear from you! Maeva reveals how she really feels about Miles, Jamie talks abou friendship break-ups, we hear the cast's childhood ambitions, AND they answer your questions.

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Jamie reveals he nearly got mugged this week! Plus we hear why Habbs really decided to forgive him for sleeping with Rosi Mai AND what 'exclusive' really means, how to hide a midnight fart, and all the answers to your questions! Jamie, Eliza, Liv, and James gather to chat about the issues raised in the latest Made In Chelsea Episode Series 18 Episode 3 - including Jamie's Strictly Come Dancing injury, dodgy nicknames, opening up about mental health, and Liv's rift with her boyfriend's family.

They also answer your questions such as "How much of it is scripted? If you enjoy this podcast please share it with a friend!

Glassing, thefts and assaults in a night of shocking gang violence on Chelsea beach

We'd also love if you could rate and leave us a comment letting us know what you think. What really happened between Jamie and Rosi Mai?

Is Miles jealous over Maeva and James? Who admits to making a disappointing sex-tape?! All these questions answered and more! And if you have a question for the cast just drop us a DM on social media or Tweet with Hash-tag TheMICDrop If you enjoyed this podcast please do rate and review - and tell a friend who you think will enjoy it too. Did Jamie sleep with Rosi Mai? Who is a better kisser - James or Miles?

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His reluctance to tolerate and support the drug trade can also be said to reference Gambino, as the Gambino family had very strict rules against drug trafficking within its family. Vito also shared Gambino's familial structure, having three sons and a daughter, and both died of a heart attack at age seventy-six. Much of Corleone's power was derived from his business and connections, and it is this aspect of his business that most mimicked Costello's life. They both preferred to reason out a situation when possible, resorting to bloodshed as only a last resort.

Vito shared a birth year with Costello, and both earned a large chunk of their fortunes through gambling and bootlegging. Few movie characters have ever been so transparently based upon a real-life celebrity as Johnny Fontaine. His correlation to Frank Sinatra was not easily lost on audiences. The neighborhood singer was rescued from an unfair contract by a friend with mob connections.

Sinatra's underworld connections are legendary, with J. Edgar Hoover stating that he had a "hoodlum complex. While Sinatra was never accused of racketeering and does not seem to have actively participated in mob activities, he was certainly a groupie of sorts. He also was briefly considered for the role of Vito Corleone, and reportedly had discussions to that effect with Coppola.

Willie Moretti was reportedly the friend that got Sinatra out of his bad contract with bandleader Tommy Dorsey. This is his most direct connection with character Luca Brasi, who does the same for Johnny Fontaine. Moretti was not known to be as vicious or sociopathic as Brasi was in Puzo's retelling, but the two met the same end at the hands of their bosses. Moretti was executed for becoming too talkative, and the killing was seen as a necessary component to loosening the grip that his cousin Frank Costello had on the Genovese family and left room for the Gambino family to take charge.

Likewise, Brasi's death softened the Corleone family and opened them up to exploitation from the Tattaglia and Barzini families. There is no known pure influence for the character of Michael Corleone. However, there are a couple of partial influences.

Much like Michael, Salvatore "Bill" Bonanno's father sent him to law school and tried to encourage him to live a legitimate life. Like Michael, Bill ends up becoming involved in the family business anyways. However, their legacies within their families couldn't be more different.

Bill was never accepted by the men on the street, and was a huge muck-up. Bill also had little existence and success in the straight world, while Michael steered his family through a legitimate life while maintaining his crime career. Vito Genovese also provided some influence, as he fled to Italy in to escape murder charges. Emilio Barzini was less brutal and more urbane than Vito Genovese, but the influence is most certainly there.

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Ultimately, the culture they disavowed was holding the fabric of their families together, and their refusal to abide by it led to their downfall. The character of Moe Greene was strongly inspired by Bugsy Siegel.

At the time, Las Vegas was a sleazy town, but Siegel saw the potential for it to become a glamorous tourist destination. Siegel called Meyer Lansky the inspiration for Hyman Roth, see below , the mob's "numbers guy," to bankroll his project, buying the Flamingo, a luxury casino, and entertainment complex.

While the people came, revenues did not make their way back to Siegel's backers as quickly as they believed they should. He overshot his budgets, despite warnings, and failed to turn a profit even after the casino opened. Lansky became convinced that Siegel was skimming, and finally agreed that he had to go. On June 17, , Siegel was killed at the home of his mistress.

Made in Chelsea introduces Love Island crossover with new cast member

Moe Green is killed more for his public embarrassment of the Corleone family than for skimming, but his backstory and his ultimate demise bear an uncanny resemblance to that of Siegel. Just like his real-life inspiration, Gaspare DiGregorio, Salvatore Tessio was a trusted captain of his family. He was immensely powerful within the Bonanno family. However, when Bonanno promoted his son instead of DiGregorio, the captain felt slighted.