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Answering these questions is the purpose and intent of this book. Religion postpones the Kingdom to a future experience. But you must remember that you cannot appropriate what you postpone. Let the adventure begin! The greatest secret to living effectively on earth is understanding the principle and power of priorities. The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without a purpose—life with the wrong priorities. Our self-worth is more important than our basic needs and should never be sacrificed for the sake of those needs.

God established only two priorities for mankind: the Kingdom of God and the righteousness of God. Ignorance of the kingdom concept makes it difficult to understand fully the message of the Bible. N inety percent of all the national and international problems facing our world today are the result either of government or religion. This includes global hunger, health epidemics, wars, terrorism, racial and ethnic conflicts, segregation, nuclear tension, and economic uncertainty. Whether it is the continent of Africa, Old Europe, Norsemen of England, the Mongols of Asia, Indians of North and South America, or the Eskimos of Iceland, tribal warfare, racial and ethnic conflicts, and full-scale war have been the human story.

In all of these social and cultural expressions of humanity, the one thing that has always evolved was some kind of authority structure, a form of leadership or government mechanism to establish and maintain social order.


The need for government and order is inherent in the human spirit and is a manifestation of a divine mandate given to mankind by the Creator. Man was created to be a governor and ruler, and therefore, it is his nature to seek some authority mechanism that would bring order to his private and social world. This is why man continues to search for an effective way to govern himself.

This need begins in the smallest prototype of society, the family, and extends all the way to the manifestation of national expressions of constitutional order. Nations need government. The first Book of Moses, Genesis, reveals that the first prototype of government was introduced by the Creator Himself long before the first humans existed on the earth. In fact, it gives evidence of a government structure that preexisted earth and the physical universe itself. This expression of government structure was a result of a desire to bring order to chaos and productivity to emptiness.

Now the earth was formless [no order] and empty [chaotic emptiness], darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. Here we see that the impact of a divine, invisible, supernatural government was necessary because of disorder and chaos. Thus, the purpose for government is to maintain productive order and management.

Furthermore, the creation of mankind was also a result of disorder and the need for management. Thus, one of the principal motives for the creation of man was to provide a manager, administrator, and ruler of the planet earth.

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The mandate of the Creator for mankind was rulership and dominion. The fall of mankind as recorded in the third chapter of Genesis was the result of man declaring independence from the government of heaven, resulting in anarchy and social and spiritual chaos. Of course, that chaos is also manifested in the natural physical creation he was mandated to govern—the earth. This is the reality behind the statement of the first-century biblical writer, Paul, when he wrote: The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God Romans Governing is serious business.

The results ever since have proven that we need help. I would at this point describe it as a corporate kingdom government. Government by corporate leadership! The theocratic order of a King over kings as partners in governing! When the children of Israel left the land of Egypt, as recorded in the Exodus story, God instructed Moses to advise them that they would be governed by the laws of heaven and led by God Himself as their heavenly King on earth. Although the whole earth is Mine, you will be for Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. Israel rejected theocracy, the rule of a gracious and loving King who would protect and provide for them.

Instead, they substituted a king for the King. Their decision led to calamitous consequences. The Fall of man was not the loss of heaven but rather the loss of the Kingdom government of heaven on earth. Any honest human taking a serious look at the conditions of our planet would have to conclude that earth is in need of a new, or in this case, an alternative form of government.

The spiritual, social, economic, physical, environmental, and cultural conditions of our earth demand a government that is superior to any we have yet invented. The ideal kingdom concept is unique, distinctive, and provides for the greatest benefits to its citizens.

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The ideal kingdom is such a beautiful idea that only God could have thought of it. And it is the only system of governing that can bring the peace, equality, and fulfillment that mankind longs for. Simply stated, the Bible is about a King, a Kingdom, and a royal family of children. The Bible is not about religion and was never intended to be a religious book.

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Rather, its story and message are about the desire of a King to extend His Kingdom to new territories through His royal family. The Bible, therefore, is about government and governing. What is government?

Government is about order, influence, administration, distribution, protection, maintenance, accountability, responsibility. This is manifested in the exercise of authority and jurisdiction over territory and a citizenry. Government was first established by the command and mandate of God to Adam and incorporates the need to order, work, oversee, guard, and protect. The roots of government in the western world reach back to the world of the Greeks.

In Greek, government kubernites literally means to steer, to pilot, or to act as a rudder.

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Without law and government we have chaos. So, government is the power given or derived for the purpose of making and enforcing laws for a certain territory. Governing incorporates the concepts of both power and authority. These two are distinct from each other and must be fully understood in order to appreciate the proper context of government. Both authority and power must be in balance for government to be successful.

Authority has to do with responsibility while power has to do with ability.

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Authority has to do with empowerment; power focuses on exercising authority. Authority gives power its legality. Power without legitimate authority is dictatorship and inevitably results in abuse, oppression, and destruction. Authority gives power its rights. Authority is the key to successful government. If the ruling power does not have authority, it cannot govern. The authority to govern either is given by way of a popular vote or derived by way of inherent authority. Earthly governments derive their authority from the people either through a process of choice or by usurping authority through force.

For instance, a president or premier or prime minister is imbued with authority by the people who voted him or her into power. In kingdoms, however, authority is inherent and a product of the rights of ownership. This concept is crucial in understanding the nature of kingdoms. No one gives Him authority. That is why Jesus could say that all authority had been given to Him.