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So grab a beer, take a seat and let the bar talk commence! Episode 7 - The DesVergers Encounter. We're Back! After a rather lengthy hiatus, we've come back with a banger! Grab a seat in the bar as we discuss Game of Thrones, black holes, dead pig brains, a s UFO encounter, and a Boy Scout who has had a bad run in with a rather suspect bean burrito. Grab a beer and let the bar talk commence! Episode 6 - Ottis Toole. This week we discuss Ottis Toole, as he panhandled and prostituted his way across the south with the help of his soulmate, Henry Lee Lucas.

So sit tight, have a drink, and lets discuss some good ole "moydas"!

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Let the bar talk commence! Episode 5 - The Bell Witch. Join us in the bar as we discuss another womanly spirit that can raise hell with the best of them, The Bell Witch. She haunts, she taunts, she'll drive you crazy and slap you like you stole something. There's a mysterious toenail involved and a magical horse that has the uncanny ability to shit gold makes an appearance. We also give an update on the mysterious creature that has been terrorizing parts of the Southeast. So come on in, grab a seat, and let the bar talk commence! Episode 4 - The Manchac Ghost Swamp.

In Episode 4 we discuss the legend of Julia Brown, a Voodoo Priestess that cursed the town of Frenier, Louisiana with her Billboard topping hit single, resulting in the deaths of over people. We also discuss the man-bear-pig weredog known as the Rougarou, which terrorizes the swamp during each full moon.

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The illustrations — charming, scratchy black-and-white line drawings by Winnie Gebhardt-Gayler — seem like they could have been done yesterday. How this came to be is the content of a delightful book to be read in episodes or at one happy sitting…How the little witch casts her most powerful spell will leave readers thoroughly satisfied and young bedtime listeners ready for only pleasant dreams. They adored his characters. Preussler revealed…that he possessed an almost inexhaustible fantasy, an unfailing sense of humor and situation comedy.

German children between the ages of four and twelve are still his fans. Alison James. Hardcover —. Add to Cart.

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Also by Otfried Preussler. See all books by Otfried Preussler. And bells on their ankles and little black-feet. And the couples railed at the chant and the frown. Of the witch-men lean, and laughed them down. While the witch-men laughed, with a sinister air,. And sang with the scalawags prancing there: —. And some had visions, as they stood on chairs,.

From their stupor and savagery and sin and wrong. And slammed with their hymn books till they shook the room.

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And the gray sky opened like a new-rent veil. And showed the Apostles with their coats of mail. In bright white steel they were seated round. And their fire-eyes watched where the Congo wound.

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And the twelve Apostles, from their thrones on high. Thrilled all the forest with their heavenly cry: —.

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And silken pennants that the sun shone through. And on through the backwoods clearing flew: —. Redeemed were the forests, the beasts and the men,. More Poems by Vachel Lindsay.

General William Booth Enters into Heaven.