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Would this death plan formed in the obstinance and innocence of childhood be binding? Her worries are of the chickens in her backyard getting along and what Grammy might give her for Christmas and Hanukkah.

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  • A Russian woman was embalmed alive — a funeral director explains what that means.
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Angel Luis Pantojas died brutally. The way he wanted to be dead evolved, even if the idea was planted in his youth. To their credit they honored this. My heart aches for a life cut short. Pantojas did not die gently and his death plan was not gentle either. It was defiant. Funeral tradition upended in Puerto Rico. Memory pictures are those memories we hold dear of our loved one. They are the many memories we have of our loved ones who have died that bring us joy and make us remember just how wonderful they were.

No industry can direct the memoires of our loved ones.

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In this season, let us make memories of those we love, and take the time to express to those around us what we want as our final wishes. Along with Sarah and Louise she runs The Order of the Good Death and the Good Death Foundation, orgs that spread the death positive gospel around the world through video series like Ask a Mortician, blogs, bestselling books, and now, a gosh darn podcast!

Previously, she was a staff writer at Hyperallergic and senior editor at Atlas Obscura. She moonlights as a cemetery tour guide. We will never be talking about zombies, Louise. Though not-gonna-lie, I feel kind of bad making fun of her. Choo choo. This was a routine surgery, theoretically nothing should have gone wrong. The original articles, even the ones in reputable news outlets, explained the story like this. But instead, by some horrific accident, the nurse hooked her up to a bag of formaldehyde, which slowly dripped into her body.

Formaldehyde is a gas, actually. But, they more likely had a formaldehyde solution, where formaldehyde is mixed with water and other chemicals. Any formaldehyde solution being directly injected into your body is too much. Here is how embalming works. The formaldehyde solution is pumped by a machine through the artery which in turn pushes blood out of the vein. Or is it like guy who was cremated alive, a total hoax? And what comes out later, as the local reporting from Russia becomes more clear, is that during the operation, for her ovarian cysts, formalin was introduced to her abdominal cavity instead of saline.

So, basically her surgical site was supposed to be lightly washed with this gentle saline solution, but instead it was washed with formalin. They were just frantically flushing out her abdominal cavity. So she went into a coma, she was moved to Moscow, her organs began to fail, and a few weeks later, of torturous weeks later, she finally dies.

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A minister of health from the district tweeted his condolences about what happened and apparently all the medical professionals involved were fired. And this is flawless proof but all of these people seem to be confirming this woman did die and this did happen.

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It feels like some article at some point said that phrase and everybody else from there just threw some quotes around it and ran with it. Fedyaeva was undergoing a surgery to remove ovarian cysts. But doctors accidentally gave her formalin, which is a fluid with a very high proportion of formaldehyde, the chemical used to preserve dead bodies.

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Reports differ on how this happened. The details are grisly: Fedyaeva complained that she was dying as her organs failed, according to The Washington Post. Formalin is 40 percent formaldehyde, says Caleb Wilde , author of Confessions of a Funeral Director and a sixth-generation funeral director in Pennsylvania. The Verge spoke to Wilder about the process of embalming, his skepticism over the details of the Russian case and the history and future of the technique.

And how long does embalming last? I think funeral directors would say that the primary purpose of embalming is restoration , and the secondary purpose is preservation. So, preservation is the second order of importance. That said, if the body is buried in a dry place, I think you could dig up a lot of embalmed bodies and — as long as they were embalmed well — they are still going to be recognizable 50, 60, 70 years later.

Of course, there are a lot of other factors at play. Roughly speaking, what are the steps o f embalming? The basic idea is that you inject the arterial system with embalming fluid.

Embalming in Tudor England

We tend to use the right carotid artery [a major artery on the side of the neck]. You make an incision, and you inject it with embalming fluid. The injection pushes out the blood and pushes in the embalming fluid, distributing it throughout the body via the arteries. So we inject the abdominal area with a trocar , which is like a large syringe. The fluid we use in the trocar is very strong and, for the most part, is able to preserve the entire abdomen and chest. The chemical formaldehyde is used to preserve bodies.

What does it do exactly? You could say it tears apart the constructs of your tissue.

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The embalming fluid that we use is a conglomeration of a bunch of different things. It has the formaldehyde, but it also has some disinfectants, so not only does it render the tissue unable to be fed on by bacteria, it also kills the bacteria itself. What about formalin, the solution given to the Russian patient? Formalin is formaldehyde dissolved in water. For context, we use two types of fluid for embalming. One is arterial and one is for the cavities or the abdomen.

The arterial fluid we use at our funeral home is about 30 percent formaldehyde, and we mix that in with water and that together creates the embalming fluid. The cavity fluid is about 20 percent formaldehyde. If a teaspoon gets spilled on the floor, that whole section of the funeral home will stink and cause a burning sensation. Formalin is double that. Gabriella West.

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