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Battlefield of the Mind. Power Thoughts. Healing the Soul of a Woman. Trusting God Day by Day. Living Beyond Your Feelings.

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The Mind Connection. Living a Life You Love. Unshakeable Trust. How to Hear from God. The Confident Woman. You Can Begin Again. Your Battles Belong to the Lord. The Power of Simple Prayer. The Approval Fix. Approval Addiction.

God's Greatest Gifts. Living Courageously. Let God Fight Your Battles.

Power Thoughts Devotional. Me and My Big Mouth! Worry-Free Living. Do Yourself a Favor The Character of God. Get Your Hopes Up! Managing Your Emotions. Seize the Day. Knowing God Intimately. God Is Not Mad at You. Total Restoration. Hearing From God Each Morning.


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The Power of Words. The Power of Being Thankful. The Love Revolution. The Cause and Cure for Worry. Closer to God Each Day. The Confident Mom. Wake Up to the Word.

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    Using Your Time Wisely. We struggle to find the time to pray, the words to say, and the way to pray them. Are we making prayer more complicated than it needs to be? Charlie Dawes is a pastor and professor who understands both the desires and the challenges of deepening our prayer lives. He has identified simple, biblical prayers that will help you unlock the mystery of conversing with God by paring our words down to their most elemental level.

    By focusing our prayers, we can open up a new way of relating with God that we have never before experienced. Simple prayer is far from simplistic. Instead, it will help you connect with God at a heart level that cannot be mastered with words alone. Dawes is not just offering a kind of theology of prayer that is simple and easy. Rather, he is subversively giving us a way to experience redemption. Eat this book. Like dark chocolate. It very well may open up an entirely new story for redemption in your life.

    Every once in a while, a book intersects your theology, your praxis, and our culture at exactly the right moment to produce catalytic growth and deep transformation. Simple Prayer is such a book. If you're tired, worn out, and burned out on religion, this book invites you to a new, ancient way of connecting with the triune God. And yet his is a simple spirituality—one that begins with 'breathe in, breathe out' and the simple prayers that follow. The words that form his prayers are expertly woven throughout his story.

    Charlie is an avid storyteller—one whose readers are delighted upon finding their own story and prayer within his pages. Charlie Dawes discovered a simple prayer in the deepest pockets of the Christian tradition, and this led him to look for other simple prayers throughout the Scriptures.

    Simple Prayers To Say at Night

    To read this book is to be challenged to go deeper with God through the simplest of prayers. Son, husband, father. Speaker, pastor, worship leader. Professor, writer, friend. In each position he functions with a creative mind and a compassionate spirit. His words can invite others into a world of Christlikeness in any area. Don't miss the chance to learn from a man who has chosen to continue learning daily in every area of life.

    It's refreshing to read a book so well written about our connection with our Creator. I believe this book will encourage people to see prayer not as a chore but as a choice—a choice that enables us to have that intimate relationship with God that he designed us for.