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Cannondale's new gravel bike features unique rear suspension. Gallery: Jeep campers, floaty amphibians and other world-exploration rigs of Overland Expo Neanderthal and unknown human ancestor DNA found in the "dark heart" of chromosomes. Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL vs. Pixel 3 and 3 XL. You should now be on the Sanctuary screen, but on top of a cliff. Now, use the Pegasus Boots to run into the pile of rocks to reveal a staircase. Head down the stairs and open the chest to obtain the seventh Piece of Heart.

Then, you should head up, left, and down a screen. Next, go through the door on the very bottom of the room, then go outside through the southern door. Since you have gone through the western exit, while making sure to stay on the cliff, keep on going south and obtain the eighth Piece of Heart. Before the second waterfall, turn west and follow the path of shallow water until you reach a grassy cliff. Then, keep continuing west until you reach the ninth Piece of Heart. Climb up the ladder, and once you are at the top, go right until you see Spectacle Rock.

Episode 003: The Most Beautiful Heart

Below Spectacle Rock, jump off the ledge down to the cave on the right and enter it. Head upstairs and follow the path until you come across the Piece of Heart. In the Dark World , travel left until you come across the first brown, diamond-like patch and use the Magic Mirror. You should appear on Spectacle Rock where the Piece of Heart is. Use the Pegasus Boots to dash into the tree which will uncover a cave entrance in the stump. Enter the stump and go through the door on the right side of the wall after climbing up the stairs to claim the twelfth Piece of Heart.

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Continue a little to the right and drop off the small ledge down to the next level. Go right and up to find the Piece of Heart. Stand near or in the center of these flowers and use the Magic Mirror to warp to the Light World. Enter the cave on the plateau and grab the fourteen Piece of Heart. Stand in the shallow water and use the Magic Mirror to warp to Lake Hylia.

You will appear on an island with the fifteen Piece of Heart. When you arrive at the north side of the area, you should see a short ladder. Climb up and use the Magic Mirror to warp to the Hyrulian Cemetery. Enter the cave and bomb the northern wall to find the Piece of Heart. Pay the operator 30 Rupees to play the game, only allowing you to open two treasure chests. One of the treasure chests contains a Piece of Heart. You may need to play multiple times and it can be quite costly.

Pay the operator 80 Rupees to play the Digging Game where you get to dig up as many treasures as you want in thirty seconds. Once he lends you his shovel for the mini-game, start digging right away.

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  8. Similarly to the Game of Chance, this Piece of Heart is completely random, so you may need to play multiple times to dig up the Heart Piece. Nearby, while you can see the Piece of Heart on the ledge, you cannot access it. Enter the cave and follow the path, while defeating the Hardhat Beetles and avoiding the Bumper , and climb up the stairs to the second floor. You will see a hole that you cannot travel across without the need of the Hookshot.

    Use the Hookshot to grapple onto one of the skulls and cross the hole.

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    Now head south until you are stopped by a Bumper blocking the way forward. You should use the Magic Cape to turn invisible and walk through it. Keep going south until you come across the end of the cave. Exit the cave to get the nineteenth Piece of Heart. While it is blocked by the dark stones, use the Titan's Mitt to lift them up. Afterwards, there are 22 purple stakes in the garden that need to be pounded with the Magic Hammer, the order in which is done so does not matter.

    Once they are all pounded, the stump below the stakes will disappear and reveal an entrance to a cave. Once you have gone into the cave, you will find a Piece of Heart. Warp to the Swamp of Evil through the tile and jump of the ledge, making your way north until you see a similar structure to the entrance to Misery Mire.

    This building is west of the dungeon.

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds- How to Find Pieces of Heart | Tips | Prima Games

    Once inside, avoid the Sparks and go down the stairs, making your way to the block puzzle at the end of the room. In order to get the Piece of Heart, you need to push the block in the bottom left corner to the left and then push the one to the right of the first block to the right. Push the one on the lower left hand side upwards and push the block blocking the chest to the left. While there are two treasure chests, open the one on the left to obtain the Piece of Heart.

    Warping to the Swamp of Evil , travel to the far northeast corner of the swamp and enter the little cul-de-sac. Here, use the Magic Mirror to warp back to the Desert of Mystery and lift the boulder to reveal a cave entrance. Head down the stairs and complete the puzzle. If needed, refer to the image. Once you have completed the puzzle, you can obtain the twenty-second Piece of Heart. When you lift it, it reveals a cave entrance.

    Enter the cave and go north until you come to a gap between the rest of the path. Like in other places, there is an invisible bridge. While you do not need to use the Ether medallion in order to cross the gap, it will make for an easier time getting across.

    go to link Make your way across the bridge and bomb the wall. Once through, you will come to a room with three cracked walls. To get the Piece of Heart, bomb western wall and go to the next room. Finally, exit the cave by going through the door at the bottom. On the lava-filled room, take the left pipe and go through the door it takes him to. In this room, defeat the two Hokkubokku and continue through the door to the south. Travel west and you should see a door to the south that leads outside.

    Dodge the Laser Eyes and exit through it.