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He and his allies have attacked other journalists and activists who oppose him. With that ugly history from the president himself, Mr. On the program in which I appeared with Mr. He then physically attacked me, and the video of the attack quickly went viral on social media within Brazil and outside of it.

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I was not hurt, but the reaction in Brazil to that incident speaks volumes about the imperiled state of press freedoms and democracy here. While mainstream journalists and political officials from across the ideological spectrum denounced Mr.

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That the violence against me should be worse the next time — not a slap but a closed-fist punch or worse — was a common theme. The Bolsonaro movement, like most authoritarian factions, favors intimidation and violence over civic discourse — against their adversaries in general, but especially against journalists they regard as obstacles.

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Predictably, the climate for journalists since the presidential election has become far more dangerous than before. Note to the reader: The writer of this article was not so much living on air as mainly rice and pasta. A whole lot of rice and pasta. We call the number listed for press wishing to visit, and look down an avenue of trees that lead to a monument on which is written the regiments buried here and the campaigns they took part in.

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We love talking about it, we love preparing it, we love sharing it, and yes, — we love eating it. We take the business of hospitality very seriously and what could be more hospitable than sharing a meal? Please protect us. After the first week of the protest, I am one of around people arrested. It is not something that I have done lightly or without serious consideration and I recognise that it is a controversial action. The following is my account of what has led me to this point.

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His parents died when he was really young. He would tell us how before getting involved with Umthombo , he would spend much of his time looking in the bins searching for anything he could eat my family are really good sports for joining me on this but I am not sure I will persuade them to do it again in a hurry.

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