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The Cronica dei Matematici published at Urbino in is an abridgment of a larger work on which he had written for twelve years, and was intended to contain the lives of more than two hundred mathematicians. This series is taped in Mexico and It is the first musical telenovela on Telemundo that will play the genre of Northern Music.

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This series follows the story of the Solar family, and superstar Julio Cesar Solar, a regional Mexican music idol. A story of betrayal, rivalry, love and the search for fame at any cost. Set in a world of stunning ranches, parties, private jets and recording studios, "War of Idols" showcases the lives of those who manage and control the Latin music business in the US from coast to coast.

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Sofia Lama was born in Puebla, Mexico, a state in the center of Mexico. At the age of 18 Sofia moved to Mexico City. Sofia worked consistently in Mexican television before getting the opportunity to travel to Miami and begin her career in the U. S Hispanic Market. With now over 12 Series Regular credits under her belt, Sofia has become one of the most well known faces in both Latin America and the U. Its finale drew more than 9. The film was a critical success and toured in the most influential film festivals in Mexico. The story revolves around the death of a regional Mexican music idol and showcases the lives of those who manage and control the Latin music business in the U.

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Editorial Planeta. Locos por la tele Usted puede ser tertuliano El Secreto de Selena pulls together the pieces of this puzzle and depicts what really happened on that rainy day in March of This data are compiled by Nielsen SoundScan from a sample that includes music stores, music departments at department stores and verifiable sales from concert venues in the United States. This art deco building was designed by Clifford A. Balch who designed over twenty classic art deco movie theatres around Southern California.

Much of the theatre, including the lobby, still retains its art deco roots, admired for its Zigzag and Streamline Moderne design. He is married to Fernanda, a woman so beautiful and so infatuated that loves him deeply.

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One day, Alejandro discovers that Fernanda has been unfaithful and confronted with her. Fernando is trying to leave, but Alejandro is outraged and pursues her with his car, causing a horrible accident in which he disappears and is considered dead. Later, overwhelmed by his guilt, Alejandro attempted suicide, but was saved by Mariann Ordials a much younger girl whom he feels attracted to. Alejandro decides to rebuild his life with Marian, but things will not be so easy for him when he is in opposition to the whole of Alejandro's family.

After being subjected to child labor, starvation and abuse, Rita is finally adopted by an Argentinian family who rename her and give her a better life. Years later, Nina becomes a talented chef and after stalking her stepmother for years, she decides to return to Brazil to execute revenge on all those who harmed her by saving another man from falling prey to Carminha's plans. Nina must ultimately confront her past and decide how far she is willing to go to exact revenge on her wretched stepmother, realizing her choices could cost her the love of her life as well as her humanity.

She is based in Mexico City. Viviana Serna, born in Colombia, started her acting career at the age of 13 as a host for Colombian local TV. She quickly began working in theater and television, yet at 19 years old, Viviana booked a series regular role in the TV series Confidencial. Same year she won the award for best supporting actress in the Scottsdale international film festival. As Javier Quevedo. Tirando a dar As Paco. As Santiago Navarro Fiscal. Singles El quinto mandamiento El tiempo entre costuras L'Alqueria Blanca La casa de papel Each episode presents a self-contained story.

The show has been panned by Mexican viewers and critics. The show lacks of proper acting, writing and directing. Some talk shows have criticized the corny effects and acting of the show, as well as the lack of research the show's writers had put into for episodes dealing with certain social groups that some episodes focus on Emos, goths, anime fans. It also covered current topics and issues as well. The inspiring and poignant story will follow in the footsteps of Jenni Rivera towards a dream of fame; An autobiographical journey from birth, based on her book "Unbreakable", as well as unpublished testimonies that reveal, as never before, her own family and explore her life as a daughter, mother, wife, lover and artist.

It's the Part 1 of a Trilogy recorded live in her final concert just 3 hours before her death. It also reached number twenty-five on the Billboard in and Because Isabel was the only woman he ever truly loved, Antonio agrees to raise Esperanza as his own child. She comes to live in the Uribe household, where she meets Antonio's son, Luis Gustavo.

Soon Esperanza and Luis Gustavo develop a profound and beautiful love between them--a love that Luis Gustavo's mother, Consuelo, will not tolerate because of the hatred she has always felt for Isabel. Stopping at nothing to end the youngsters' budding reationship, she succeeds in separating them. Ten years later, Luis Gustavo and Esperanza meet again, only to discover that the feelings they had for each other are as intense as ever and now they're determined to fight for their love.

Canaveral Passions is a soap opera that tells the story of Julia Santos, a noble girl and extremely beautiful, Mireya friend and love of Paul and John of God, who lives besieged by rancor and bitterness that his own family has built a your surroundings. Julia will have to fight the ghosts that inhabit the mind of his father, Fausto; against the resentment of Dinora Faberman, her aunt, and slander against the people that have been invented about her mother and herself. Paul, son of Josefina Montero, is the love of Julia. In this place there are two families: the Monteros, owners of La Aurora, one of the most important sugar mills in the region, and the Santos, owners of extensive cane fields.

However, Margarita preferred Fausto, married him and procreated a daughter named Julia. Amador and Josefina had a son named Pablo. However, Amador never loved Josefina, an unbearable woman who was unsupportable.


Through Josefina's intervention, Socorro fled the town and gave her son to Father Refugio. The child is called Juan de Dios. Julia, Pablo and Juan de Dios are the best friends, although it is clear that Julia has a preference for Pablo, who rivals Juan de Dios for the attentions of Julia. For her part, Josefina has always been jealous of Margarita, whom she slanders constantly believing that Amador deceives her with her. But Amador's lover is, in reality, Dinorah, Margarita's sister.

The relationship between them reaches such a level that both plan to flee together from the town. The night they were both planning to escape, they were discovered by Margaita.

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She locks up Dinorah and then leaves to meet Amador in order to convince him to return with his family. Unfortunately, a strong storm breaks out in the town. Amador and Margarita suffer a serious accident when they returned to San Benito. But in addition to Remedios, there are other people who know the truth of the situation. They are Father Refugio bound by the secret of confession and Rufino Mendoza Roberto Ballesteros , trustworthy employee of Amador, a vile and unscrupulous man who takes advantage of the situation to blackmail Dinorah and get her favors, besides gaining the trust of Josefina and serving as a vehicle to fulfill her evil plans.

Both Fausto and Josefina believe that their respective husbands had deceived them.

This lie is sustained by Dinorah, who takes advantage of this lie in order to cover up her guilt, muddy the memory of her sister, and win the affection of her brother-in-law Fausto, whom she has always loved. Dinorah convinces a depressed Fausto to marry her. For her part, Josefina is dedicated to smearing the memory of Margarita and to getting angry with her daughter Julia, whom she considers the same as her mother. Knowing the affection between his son Pablo and Julia, she decides to separate them by sending Pablo to Mexico City with the Elizondo Family, distant relatives.

Unfortunately, the whole town speaks ill of her because of Josefina's slander. As if that were not enough, her father despises her when she sees the image of Margarita, while she has to endure the hatred of her Aunt Dinorah, who also blames the death of a son who was supposed to procreate with Fausto.

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The truth is that Dinorah's son was actually Amador. She rejects him, seeing him as a brother, as well as knowing the feelings Mireya is harboring towards him. Pablo returns to the town with the intention of communicating to his mother his future marriage with Gina Elizondo Marisol Santacruz.