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In fact, it's an ambitiously massive survey of conventional finance theory related to picking stocks. However, as a professional investor, I've read everything it covers in better detail elsewhere. As a gift for someone new to investing I'd recommend Browne's Little Book Of Value Investing because it is more accessable and entertaining. For more seasoned readers I'd recommend David Dreman's Contrarian Investment Strategy because it uses numerous empirical studies.

July 5, - Published on Amazon. Investment Philosophies by Aswath Damodaran presents a balanced survey of the different approaches to investment, points out the strengths and weaknesses of each, and presents the results of numerous analyses that have been conducted to test the merits of the various approaches. The book is easy to read and far less mathematical than the author's magnum opus, Investment Valuation. The only flaw I can cite is the need for a more careful editing to remove several typographical errors. Professor Damodaran starts Investment Philosophies with a brief overview of the concept of risk, valuation techniques, the impact of transaction costs and taxes, and the efficient market hypothesis.

Billionaire Howard Marks: Investment Philosophy

After presenting these background topics, the addresses the various philosophies individually: 1. Technical Analysis: Selection of investments based on their prior price patterns. Value Investing: Identifying investments whose current price is low relative either to their intrinsic values or to similar investment opportunities. Growth Investing: Identifying investments whose value is likely to grow more rapidly than alternatives. Trading on News: Closely monitoring corporate announcements and attempting to react rapidly to take advantage of new information.

Arbitrage: Attempting to minimize risk by hedging one investment against another in a manner that leaves a small but highly probable profit.

Market Timing: Seeking to recognize when the market is overvalued or undervalued and moving one's investments accordingly. One tidbit of wisdom that I especially appreciated was an explanation of how to evaluate return on equity ROE for companies with very little equity. In these cases, any positive return can result in an astronomical ROE.

The title, Investment Philosophies, seems a bit too abstract to me and may put off some potential readers who would enjoy and benefit from reading it. The contents are sufficiently concrete to justify a title such as "A Comparison of Alternative Investment Strategies".

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If you are looking for an easy to read, non-mathematical approach to this subject, this book is definitely a five star selection. If you want a bit more technical depth, start with Investment Valuation, or use it as a reference while reading Investment Philosophies. See also Professor Damodaran's website, damodaran. Go to Amazon.

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Year , Volume 10 , Issue 18, Pages - Zotero Mendeley EndNote. Abstract After the financial crisis of , debates on structures and characteristics of financial markets have become the subject of much concern in both industry and academia. One of the most debated issues related to financial markets is whether they are efficient or not.

With an intent to enter into discussions, this paper evaluates the market efficiency by using individual and institutional trade data from a specific stock exchange, namely Borsa Istanbul. Aston University Library. University of Bath Library. University of Birmingham Libraries. University of Bradford. British Library.

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