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Even as a kid, I would be practicing these moves, doing push-ups and chin-ups.

I just wanted to improve my body. O'Gallagher grew up in Toronto. He is the second oldest among four siblings, three brothers and a sister.

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Despite making millions as the face of Kinobody , he learned at a young age what it was like to be wealthy. When he was just 11, O'Gallagher's father passed away. So I read more books and set more goals. I wanted to make him proud, and I wanted to work twice as hard.

O'Gallagher realized at a young age that the real estate industry wasn't his passion. And he knew since he was a child that he wanted to run a fitness company. So much of what you are learning in university is dated, and by the time you graduate, you learned stuff that you can't utilize," O'Gallagher said. I had to honor my calling and had to honor my passion. After a short stint as a personal trainer at age 19, O'Gallagher moved to Los Angeles, seeking something more with his life.

He started following fitness influencers and their blogs and realized that he needed to produce online content as well in order to get his name recognized. O'Gallagher ended up contacting Moore and started to learn everything he could from him.

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At the time, Moore was focused on an earlier start-up, titled Fitness Blackbook. O'Gallagher would write about Moore's programs on his personal blog and would then make commission off Moore's sales in an affiliated sales program of Fitness Book well known to workout junkies. O'Gallagher, president of Kinobody and the face of the brand, said fans of his blog started to encourage him to make YouTube videos and write his own programs back in O'Gallagher has since written several new programs, including female and body-weight regimes.

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One of O'Gallagher's products is a downloaded "Kino Chef" cookbook, in which he offers 50 different recipes designed for consumers who practice intermittent fasting. We're about building a movie-star body like Ryan Reynolds. We are not about getting big and bulky. We're going to build your body by only working out a few days a week and hitting personal records," he continued. Kinobody has seen a consistent increase in its overall growth. Kinobody created a clothing brand in that is tailored to highlight one's physique with an array of fitted shirts, underpants and sweats.

Kinobody also launched a supplements line that features pre-workout powders, sleeping aids and amino acids.

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Kinobody also created a line of glasses called "Kino Vision," which offer consumers blue-light-preventing glasses that are for everyday use. Not Greg. As he's told me in person, he wants to make sure his workout programs, online courses and videos are the best they can possibly be and can't sleep at night if they aren't.

That's why he has so many testimonials and in turn is why he's so successful in a saturated fitness market. O'Gallagher founded Kinobody by himself but joined forces with a marketing team in to which he gave a share of the company — after Kinobody's rapid growth, they now share a ownership structure.

It always comes back to 'how does this [product] help you build your best body and provide you with better results?

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I want to help them get in shape and feel proud of themselves. Kinobody and O'Gallagher had to overcome saturated fitness and social media markets. O'Gallagher suggests that it is not that difficult to achieve 20,plus followers on platforms like Instagram; he's currently over , followers. On Instagram, O'Gallagher is constantly promoting his workout programs through testimonials and flashing his latest apparel with pictures of him posing, as if he actually was a Greek God.

His rapid rise and social media popularity has led to some skepticism, and some envy. O'Gallagher was born into a wealthy family, making it arguably easier for him to focus on his physique than would a working stiff though he says he does not receive an inheritance from his father's real estate empire until his 30th birthday. He is not preaching anything that could not be found online for free. There is an unlimited amount of research surrounding intermittent fasting, and his workouts prioritize simple compound movements, like incline bench pressing and weighted chin-ups, for which free online instruction exists.

But part of what makes O'Gallagher so successful is the aspirational lifestyle message in his marketing, fully exemplified in his videos: living in mansions, driving sport cars and eating at top-tier restaurants. And it all starts with improving one's physique. He has to attack more rather than playing the ball inside.

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There have been a lot of very valid reasons given for his lack of sparkle recently, but there are some important things to remember. He scored and assisted through his first series of games on returning from his long injury, and looked back to being his best. The problem is more that the injury has affected his confidence in the long term, so this perfectly normal, slightly dry spell is impacting him.

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Last season, Callum Hudson-Odoi was all about those special moments, taking risky shots from range and taking players on. It was all working perfectly then, and he just rode the wave. Or could it be pressure from living up to highly set expectations and justifying his recent big money contract at Chelsea? Perhaps so.


If Chelsea do get their ongoing appeal revoked and the club can do business in January, any potential big-name coming in could ultimately make the year-old a mere squad player.