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And so change comes to the three settlements, but not in the way that they had expected. Reynolds-Moreton shows us life after the last great war. The inhabitants of this land react to the strange remains of an earlier civilisation in a totally believable fashion. This is good solid, intelligent sci-fi. Typ produktu. Martian Enigma. Fully Guaranteed.

Flight of the Tristan. Seed Garden.


On Blue's Waters. The Delian Cycle. Alan Burt Akers. Rogues in the House. The Map Of All Things. Kevin J. The Temple Road. Mirka the Ice Horse. The Suns of Scorpio. No Present Like Time.

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Frontier Incursion. Leonie Rogers. Challenge of Antares. Shadows over Kregen. The Lohvian Cycle I. Fliers of Antares. The Lohvian Cycle II. Bladesman of Antares.

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Scorpio Invasion. The Tower of the Elephant - Conan the barbarian. Scorpio Assassin. Kanis the Shadow Hound. Styro the Snapping Brute. Maurai and Kith. Poul Anderson. The Tides of Kregen. Mountain Garden. Will Ottley. Frontier Resistance. The Dreadnaught. Steve Perry. Three Variations on Sleeping Beauty. Niko Silvester.

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Morgan Smith. The Man Who Counts. The Slithering Shadow. The Giving Year.

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Alexandra Brandt. Patrick Huet. The Long Cold. Tim Hereid. Celtic Tales 10, the Traders.