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I thought it was by Kristen Ashley but I think I was wrong. In the end then get married and have twins. Help me Submitted by Tay not verified on December 22, - am. I read this book a few years ago. And I cannot remember the name.

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Adult book. A young girl moves into a shabby appartment she lives with her dad. He drinks all the time.

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She was welcomed into the family next door she became best friend with the boy a few years old than her. He dad tried to mess with her so she ran to the family next door and she grew up with them Her and the guy grew up together on her prom night they went to prom and had a great night.

She went to college became a reporter or something.

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Fast forward some years she gets a call that the lady she grew up with mom and she comes back to clear the house out and gets a hotel in the bad part of town. She runs into her old best friend. And he saves her when her room gets broken into and kills the guy that broke into her room. Hes involved with a gang and tells her things are different and she should leave. And then in the end she gets kidnapped by the guy that got killed brother and he wants to know what happened to him and she tells him and that's the end of the book.

I cant remember the title at all. So, I remember this short story I read as a kid. I want to say it was by Dickens or Poe, but am not sure seems like i remember it as coming out of the 19th century though It's about a guy who, recovering from an illness, is sitting in a room, looking out at a mountainside. He then sees a pretty disturbing-looking monster just crawling across the landscape. The whole story is spent in description of this evil-looking thing Any help? There was a book that to my knowledge and I could be wrong debuted at the, Los Angeles book festival, sometime prior to or The book may have been called, is called or may have perhaps had a line in the book which read: "Halleday's Gift to the World".

What is interesting to note is that the titled character had an unusual spelling of her name either: Halleday, Haleday, Holeday, etc -- or something really strange like that.

From what I remember the book was an inspirational story or book about a young girl or young teenage girl. The book talked about her 'fift' to the world. May have even been about a non-U.

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  • I am unaware whether or not the book is out of print. Any assistance in finding this book would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, all. I cannot remember the title of the books Submitted by Anne not verified on December 23, - am. Its a story about a genius woman who make love with a 'dumb soccer player' Which is actually a very intelligent man.. She make love with the man expected to have a child but after that the man knows and force her to marry him.

    I think its Babymaker By P. I read this book about 2 girls as main characters the book is in chapters with each chapter from that girls point of few. The one girl is friends with a girl named happy I think. One of the girls in the book has a cellphone she must answer or her family finds out some secret about her.

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    • Mystery Submitted by Ruth not verified on December 23, - pm. Read this series a few years ago and just can't remember the name.

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      An American magic shop owner, possibly in Chicago, solves mysteries. Hey guys I don't fully remember the book but it is something like this It's about this boy, who I think just moved in to town or something, who starts making friends. This was an amazing book and was way more mature and interesting than I made it sound. I think all the deaths, or the kids, were made up in the young boys mind though.

      I also remember this young 12 yo or something like that boys riding his bike everywhere. I don't think the adults in the book realized that the kids were going missing, and it was really scary to read as a young kid. I would love to read it again someday if I get lucky enough to find the title. Find this book Submitted by Eini not verified on December 24, - am. I'm not sure if this will be Submitted by Isabella not verified on December 24, - am. I'm not sure if this will be easy to find but I read a book can't remember when that had fairies that lived in a tree I think, and there were two characters main characters who didn't have wings but instead could turn into birds and it caused a problem when the female main character was mistaken for the male because she was ostracised from the group of birds that she had turned into and almost died until she got away.

      It was the first book in the series and I think it was based in england. Sci-Fi, religon fabrication, pyramids and more Submitted by Mary Nawn not verified on December 24, - pm. I read a book where aliens - not monster, were sent to earth to prepare for their future colonization. They were human like, but taller. The group was selected, because the leaders thought they would fail, and be out of their way.

      They used the pyramids to communicate on a rare basis due to astrological conditions. These aliens were on earth before Christ. They fabricated all religions known to man to control the masses.

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      Aunts, Uncles etc. Anyone recognize this book and title? I can't remember this book, Submitted by Guest not verified on December 24, - pm. I can't remember this book, but it was about this girl that could become a princess because the prince was holding a thing were he would get married to a girl that he fell in love with of his choosing. Anyone could try out. The main girl didn't want to because she loved this other guy.

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      This guy also loved her but he told her she should go for it because she will be better with the prince. She was reluctant but she went. The prince liked the girl. The girl didn't know who she wanted to be with.

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      The prince or the one she's always loved. Please help me remember the title of this book. The Selection by Kiera Cass I believe is the book you are looking for. I forgot the name of the book Submitted by Johlay Perez not verified on December 25, - pm. I forgot the name of the book I wanted to read It was about a man killing kids that came from wealthy families, he would ask them questions about poverty and if they got them wrong then he would kill them.

      He kidnapped a girl and asked her the questions except she got them right so, I think he let her go. That's really all I remember. I need help finding a book Submitted by Leonela not verified on December 26, - am. Hello this book is about a teenage boy. Hes the rebellious youth type and he grew up in an orphanage. The type with the mean sister type and hes the oldest one there and he tells the best stories to these kids. He also frequents a cliff or something like that and calls it "God art" because humans cant really depict it the same way.

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      He falls for this girl whos an opposite to him. He also has a teacher that forces him to do an assigbment it may have been a letter? To anyone he wanted and he chose God i believe, and the teacher eventually gets him on track in a writing club or story telling or something because of his imagination. Book title or Author Submitted by Stephanie not verified on December 26, - pm. I read a book a while back where a women had a gambling addiction. Some guy offered to pay her debts if she went to a facility to do competitions to win money.

      She goes there and this facility ends up being some sort of cult where the losers are getting tortured and killed. Her husband starts look for her and comes across a lady that her daughter is missing as well. So they both look for the missing women. In the end, the women figures out what is going on and realizes the cult sacrifices a person at the end.

      The women of the missing daughter realizes that the daughter is part of the cult with her husband. She saves the women and the husband gets her out before they are killed.