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You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The sounds were muted and her brain was sluggish. Cassie looked at him blankly. She tried to move her body but the pain in her right leg was excruciating. She watched dully as the man outside starting pulling away metal struts and twisted the door to get inside to her.

She could hear his voice vaguely now, a rough London Cockney accent as he spoke reassuringly whilst trying to free her.

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The ambulance is on its way. You look as if you could do with a bit of company. Just stay with me now. He smiled at her, trying to keep her reassured. With a final tug at the door, he made enough of a space to squeeze in slightly and he took her right hand, avoiding the bad condition of her left arm with its broken bone. Her hand was freezing and he rubbed it gently. That should feel better.

In one of her lucid periods she raised an unsteady hand to her face to wipe her eyes. Lying in front of her, across the bonnet, was a face, pulped and looking as if dark sticky jam had been smeared all over it. She could see the eyes open, looking at her and she could see the mouth forming words before she screamed and screamed and eventually the fog of blackness claimed her and the face could be seen no more.

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Doctor Ian Spencer frowned as he read the patient chart in his hand. He glanced at the patient, an old man in his seventies, matted grey hair curling around his face like tendrils of an octopus, framing a bucolic face of cherry red, his bulbous nose caked with fresh snot.

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The old man chuckled hoarsely. The doctor motioned with a hand to the waiting nurse who offered Terry a glass of water. He drank it greedily and lay back in the hospital bed. Given the state of your liver you were very lucky not to have it worse. He heard the ambulance staff calling out their incoming triage procedures to the attending doctor and watched as a trolley with a woman covered in blood was wheeled into the waiting operating theatre. One of the staff nurses, Judy, a good friend, hurried past him.

It was some hours later in passing Ian saw his colleague, fellow trauma surgeon Phil Moodley, come out of the operating theatre where the woman had been wheeled. Phil turned and proffered a tired smile when he saw Ian. The poor woman has a ruptured spleen, a hairline skull fracture, a broken femur and radius, and a wealth of lacerations and internal bruising.

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I need to keep an eye on her for any possible embolism. He squinted at Ian with tired eyes. Did you know anyone involved? Ian shook his head. The person that fell though, not the victim. Phil nodded his head.

He was dead at the scene. His relatives are on their way. Ian nodded. It was too personal and no one in the hospital knew anything about his reason for leaving Lakeview three years ago and joining Tilhurst Hospital on the outskirts of Essex.

In , his wife Sandra had jumped off a foot bridge straight into the path of a passing mini-van. To this day he had no idea why. The mini-van driver, a young man called Freddy Clifford, who had just become a father, had died in the incident with Sandy. He was sure a psychiatrist would have some insight to offer on his reaction but he had never engaged with one, preferring as he did to manage it himself.

He saw Nurse Angie, a bubbly young woman with bleached blonde hair and a Carry On set of breasts, sitting behind the desk. She smiled as she saw him approach. What can I do for you? Patel has just operated on—can you tell me a little bit about her? Angie consulted her notes. Room Cassie Wallace, forty-seven years old, divorced. Her sister is coming in to see her.

She looked at Ian enquiringly.


Patel asked you to keep an eye on her? It just seems so tragic, minding your own business then POW! You find yourself in this situation. Thanks for the info, Angie. Ian made his way towards Room But can an "impossible" horse named Blackfire and this quirky collection of animal lovers be the home she's always dreamed of? Recommended for ages 8 to Starlight Animal Rescue: Where problem horses are trained and loved, where abandoned dogs become heroes, where stray cats become loyal companions.

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