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Bastidas had no criminal record and police had never been called to the home before. Comments Share your thoughts. Related Posts. Top Stories.

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This Week's Flyers. The captors eventually deem him useless and force Sam, at gunpoint, to beat Joe to death with a lead pipe.

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Sometime later, Sam is rescued by American forces. Once he returns home, Sam drifts through a cold, paranoid daze, showing signs of severe post-traumatic stress disorder , due to the traumatic events he experienced in Afghanistan.


Refusing to explain to his family what happened while he was there, Sam also lies to Joe's widow that he does not know how Joe died. His paranoia also leads him to believe Grace cheated on him with Tommy in his absence. After the family returns home, Sam becomes enraged, destroying the newly remodeled kitchen with a crow bar and pulling a pistol on Tommy, who arrives and tries to calm his brother's violent breakdown. The police arrive, and after a violent confrontation in which Sam holds the gun to his head and contemplates suicide , he reluctantly surrenders after a frantic plea from Tommy and Grace.

After the police arrest Sam, he is admitted to a mental hospital. Grace visits him and tells him that if he does not tell her what is tormenting him, he will lose her forever. Faced with this decision, Sam finally opens up about the source of his pain, confiding in her that he killed Joe and they embrace.

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A letter between husband and wife is read aloud, with Sam wondering if he will be able to continue living a normal life. The film received mixed to positive reviews from film critics. The site's consensus is that "It plays more like a traditional melodrama than the Susanne Bier film that inspired it, but Jim Sheridan's Brothers benefits from rock-solid performances by its three leads. Roger Ebert said that Brothers is "Tobey Maguire's film to dominate, and I've never seen these dark depths in him before.

Of the Golden Globe Award nomination, Tobey Maguire said "I had no expectation about getting a nomination, but I was watching nonetheless. My wife and my son got really excited. I was sort of surprised — I was like, 'Oh, wow. It was commissioned by Den Jyske Opera. Kerstin Perski wrote the libretto and the director was Kasper Holten.

To celebrate Aarhus as the European capital of culture 3 stage works; a musical, dance and an opera all based on films by Bier were commissioned and performed in Musikhuset. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Brothers Promotional film poster. This section needs expansion.

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