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  1. The Small Arms Trade in Latin America | NACLA.
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Office of Strategic Services. Research and Analysis Branch Date: Includes bibliographical references. Also available online. Contributor: Holtom, Paul Date: Sales no. Available both in print and online. Date: The fourth generation is known by experts as "Technical Weapon Replacement": it begins with the acquisition of small quantities of weapons which are subsequently modified according to the preferences of the illegal groups - preferences which have to do with the type of weapons and their military impact.

The armed groups and criminal networks resort to fictitious companies in order to acquire war material. Through these they are able to acquire weapons, in small quantities, in the United States and then, through a series of maneuvers, ship them to Colombia. Colombian authorities acknowledge the fact that the 'black market' helps criminal groups to evade government restrictions, company controls and international treaties.

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They exchange drugs for weapons and prefer those with greater military impact and lethal aspect, so as to strengthen their power of intimidation within the criminal hierarchy. The AK assault rifle Kalashnikov , the most popular in the international market, is a weapon of Soviet origin designed in and used in more than 80 countries, including China, Iraq and in the Arab world.

Colombia, of course, is no exception.

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It is the preferred assault rifle of the guerrilla dissidence, which chooses it for its long-range reach, high maneuverability, resistance, user friendliness and great accuracy. R, M M-4 and M rifles: they are mainly used by criminal groups dedicated to the barter of drugs for weapons. Their leaders also use sophisticated handguns. According to the Military and the National Police, all types of weapons have been seized in Colombian territory in recent years, especially assault rifles, shotguns, mortars, machine guns, submachine guns, handguns and even ground-to-air rocket launchers.

According to the authorities, more than However, according to sources from the same security agency, "it is possible that the firearms seized had entered legally into Colombia, where they were stolen or lost, or they were acquired legally in the United States and shipped from there to Colombia despite the severe State controls ". For the State security agencies, the Military Forces and the Police, the permanent acquisition of sophisticated war material by the Colombian organized armed groups not only allows them to strengthen their power of action and intimidation, but also to expand their field of action.

To these ends, they resort to a variety of dealers and suppliers.

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  • According to the authorities, Colombia is one of the most vulnerable countries for the illegal arms trade because of its location and easy access and because criminal networks take advantage of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the rivers and the large land border with Panama, Ecuador, Peru , Brazil and Venezuela.

    Illegal actors have become experts in fluvial navigation and terrestrial communications. Organized armed groups use these routes to flood their areas of influence with illegal weapons. Means of transport: arm traffickers use all possible means to deliver weapons to the highest bidder. Description: 1 online resource xxvi, 81 pages : maps Note: "Prepared for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references pages Contents: Introduction -- Violence in Colombia -- Patterns of small- arms trafficking patterns into Colombia -- Patterns of small-arms trafficking patterns inside Colombia -- The wider context -- Policy implications -- Research methodology.

    Introduction: Illicit Firearms Market in Europe and Beyond | SpringerLink

    Summary: Colombia has experienced significant political instability and violence over the past century due to a number of factors, including the proliferation of small-arms trafficking. The authors identify the sources and routes used by arms traffickers to acquire, buy, sell, receive, transfer, and ship weapons. They also examine the various groups and individuals who purchase and use these munitions. The authors examine Colombia? Dewey: 22 Subject: Illegal arms transfers Colombia.

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    Arms transfers Colombia. Arms control.