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Pauker: The other “Iron Lady”

Forgotten password? Forgotten password Use the form below to recover your username and password. New details will be emailed to you. It is easy to see why she was so invested in the Soviet cause. Something which cemented her loyalty to Stalin himself.

Some such as Andrea Tuzu, a writer for a leading history magazine in Romania has even called Pauker:. Whether this is a valid interpretation or not, I am not sure, however we can be sure of one thing: her loyalty to Stalin in the immediate post Second World War era played a substantial role in her rise to power. She entered the country triumphantly herself, only to be given the post of the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party PCR from where she would begin her climb to success.

However, once she became head of the party and unofficially the main person in power. She began to implement Stalinist style communism in a rather repressive manner. In fact, although she had instituted mass recruitment programs, she also denied the institution of Stalinist collectivization policies as she argued that Romania was not yet prepared for such mass-scale agricultural production.

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Her most important -positive- accomplishment however was the organization of the aliyah of , Jews from Romania during her leadership, despite the fact that Stalin was firmly against the state of Israel. Finally, Pauker had found a point of contention, where she did not agree with Stalin on, ironically, her own heritage and ethnicity. Her goal of spreading communism of course had turned bloody, ugly, and even gruesome.

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Perhaps why she was and is still called one of the most vicious women in history. The project, which was itself proposed by Stalin, went into effect in under Pauker. Despite the fact that she was a powerful woman, and her legacy and sheer determination cannot be overlooked, it is also quite difficult to look past the fact that she was a fierce dictator of a seemingly totalitarian regime.

Although she was an individual who had done both some good, some bad she was part of the non-real despotic forces, who used Communism as a means to achieve their end-goals of ultimate power over the Romanian populace.

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This at the expense of her personal life, and more importantly her children who were placed in Soviet foster homes, so she could devote her entire time to her political career. Molotov's wife, Polina Zhemchuzhina, herself a prominent party member and incidentally, a close friend of Ana Pauker, had been arrested in , to reemerge from the camps after Stalin's death with her communist faith undiminished.

How could these people continue to serve a cause that demanded so many obviously innocent victims? How could Jews continue to serve a regime whose policies had become increasingly openly antisemitic? It is very difficult to understand the mental world of the prominent communists of this period, for they were not in the habit of analyzing themselves, or confiding their thoughts and fears to others.

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Thinking too much, to say nothing about talking too much, was dangerous. Robert Levy managed to interview some of the surviving relatives and friends of Pauker and therefore the reader of his book is able to get at least some idea about the life and character of Levy's heroine. But ultimately she remains a shadowy figure.

We do not learn much about her thoughts, her feelings and her conscience.

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This is not Levy's fault; he wrote a valuable book, in which he places Pauker in historical context and in the process has much to say about Rumanian Jewry in this period. AnaPauker, nee Rabinsohn, was born into a poor Jewish Orthodox family.