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One must be bold to consider in print not only that Kongzi might not have been from the state of Lu At the same time, Hunter repeatedly emphasizes that his work does not prove such things and does not, for that matter, even disprove the traditionalist and accretionist models of Lunyu compilation, which he recognizes as the chief alternatives to his "revisionist" position 10, , , and passim.

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What Hunter sees as his mission is to present a vast amount of material and to draw certain conclusions that will need fully to be addressed in future discussions of Lunyu and, more broadly, of the entire Confucius phenomenon being of an older generation, I bristle just a bit at referring to this phenomenon, following Hunter, as a "discursive space"; see Any attempt to summarize the rich contents of Hunter's book, at least with any brevity, is sure to leave out evidence critical to the larger argument as well as a load of information individual researchers will want to incorporate into their own work.

The central argument is that Lunyu is a Western Han text that might draw some material from the vast pre-Han Kongzi literature but is still best understood as a "bounded collection of Kongzi material" from "no earlier than the reign of Emperor Wu or thereabouts. On such points, Hunter remains cautious and admits that we cannot know this with certainty, but, in his words, "We simply do not have enough evidence to suppose otherwise" p Hunter begins with a survey of available Kongzi material, emphasizing how vast and varied such material is.

He indicates, in both statistical and visual form, the distribution of this huge corpus, which taken as a whole is larger than any pre-Han or Western Han text other than Shiji and within which Lunyu occupies a relatively small place see, particularly, p. He concludes from this that a Lunyu-centric approach to Kongzi is a distortion, or at least a significant reduction, of a much larger phenomenon.

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Consequently, one must subordinate "Lunyu studies to the study of 'Kongzi' in general" When one proceeds to do this, attending as best one can to the relative dates of the Kongzi material, certain characteristics of the early, extraLunyu Kongzi become evident. He is, for example, valued far more for the authority of his judgments than any circumstances of his biography so that "Kongzi the universal commentator dominates Kong Qiu of Lu" Your name.

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Responsibility Frank M. Imprint London ; New York : Continuum, c Physical description p. Online Available online. Full view. Education Library Cubberley. F53 Unknown.

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