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KINDRED SPIRIT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

When the spirits of two humans seem to automatically connect, when text and talk and testing one is addicting and joking is a a a, when convos flow so quickly that a separate language is created to accommodate the rapid firing of movie references, inside jokes, song lyrics, and long boring stories zzzzz , when two people feel like they have known each other forever or previously or they just wish they had, and when love transcends romance- two people are kindred spirits. I smile so giant every time I get a message from my kindred spirit.

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Kindred spirits unknown. When two people are connected , with a bond from the soul so strongly, that the souls become one.

Kindred Spirit Mailbox Serves as Symbol of Hope on Bird Island

They can even feel each other's pain, and happiness. Michael and Tawny , share everything acting as one unit , this makes them kindred spirits. January 6 May 9 Beefer Chocolate Mop I'm outta here Fucky Wucky Foisted It's time Or, you might trigger growth for each other.

You could provide one another with the strength and support to leave stagnant relationships, or pursue new career paths. Twin flame relationships are meant to spark growth and evolution. They reveal our shadows to us, and often shatter us to the core.

Liquid Tension Experiment - Kindred Spirits

This type of shattering can turn us inside-out, so we either end up facing and working through our darkest aspects, or being consumed by them. In some cases, soulmate relationships may end up being romantic. Some soulmates will have brief physical flings, simply because the connection is so intense, it may be initially interpreted as sexual tension and attraction. Some people who believe in reincarnation hold to the idea that kindred spirits in this lifetime are those who were close to us in past lives.

Whatever the previous relationship might have been, it forged such a strong bond that the two of you were able to find each other again in this lifetime, when the time was right. Actually, most people believe that kindred spirits appear in our lives exactly when we need them, for any number of possible reasons.

The importance of kindred spirits

Or, if you believe in a higher power, strings may have been pulled so the two of you met exactly when you needed to. Chances are that you met some truly incredible people during times of great personal change or transition.

Maybe it was during a divorce, or a health challenge, or when trying to decide what to do for a career. Some kindred connections may only exist for a short time, to be catalysts for major change or support through a difficult time.